About Internet Marketing Light
About Internet Marketing Light


First time here?

Let me explain What’s inside this website for you!

FIRST… you’ll find inside a man who wants to help you. You’ll find a man who thinks that the world will be better if human beings would learn to give.

When I first started this website, the main idea behind it, was a “Mutual Guarantee” – these are not just nice words. Mutual Guarantee is the only way to achieve prosperity in our beloved world. Mutual Guarantee is the only method to succeed in a world that today is being revealed to us in its global form.

After a while, I learned that people are not really interested in what you can offer for free and what they can do for you in return. Therefore, I am trying to align myself to the general tendency and I am offering my paid SERVICES. But… if you like the Mutual Guarantee idea… and if you think I can give you something in exchange… don’t hesitate to write to me.

I am also a man who likes to experience various things; therefore, I experienced working in many domains. Moreover, I enjoyed doing it a lot. I will not state that I’ve become an expert in all of them, but for sure, I became almost an expert in what really won my heart and mind… Computers and Internet.

Bogdan (Dr. B)
Bogdan (Dr. B)

Some of my readers, clients and friends call me Bogdan… others Dr. B… of course as a computer doctor… don’t imagine that I’ve ever studied medicine (even if… who knows what the future will bring?). Therefore, call me how you like and I invite you to be my friend.

I would like you as my reader to have no doubt that I want a relationship with you, to get to know you and serve you.

Therefore I invite you to:

SECOND… let’s see what I can do for you.

  • I encourage you to visit often the BLOG section where I write articles weekly about How ToDo-It-Yourselflots of Internet Tips, which others will charge you a lot of money to do for you. If you have a question and still cannot find the answer here, send me a message inquiring what you are looking to do. It will not take me long to come up with an answer for you. In addition, if you are pleased, I will be happy to know that you shared with others what you found here.

  • You are more than welcome to quote me without asking for permission, but I ask you to provide the link to my article from where you chose the quote.

  • Find bellow a brief list with what I can help you with. I am sure there are some more things, depending on each client’s domain.

PC Doctor
PC Doctor

For companies and private persons:

  • Website design, maintaining, promotion
  • Internet marketing, social media / network management
  • eCommerce websites
  • SEO optimization
  • Video editing
  • Photography editing
  • Analytics for your web presence
  • Trouble shooting issues: virus problems and most any issues your computer has
  • On-line research

For bloggers:

  • Key word optimization
  • Grow website traffic
  • SEO optimization
  • Social Networks
  • Newsletter writing /delivering

For authors:

  • Video Book Trailers
  • Book covers / interior design
  • Publishing assistance

For more details, please visit the SERVICES page.

Looking forward to know you better and together to find how to serve you.