Page Numbering from the 5th Page in Word 2021

May 23, 2023 in ADVICE

Page Numbering from the 5th Page in Word 2021

Page Numbering from the 5th Page in Word 2021

Efficient document printing is a crucial aspect of any professional’s workflow. When it comes to double-sided printing, it becomes essential to ensure that the page numbering is accurate and starts from the appropriate page. In this article, we will guide you through the process of Page Numbering from the 5th Page onwards in Word 2021. By following these simple steps, you can enhance the organization and professionalism of your printed documents.

Page Numbering from the 5th Page Preparation: Step-by-step instructions for starting page numbering on the 5th page of your document

Tip: You might find it helpful to view formatting marks. Go to Home and select Show/Hide (¶) to turn on the display of formatting marks.

  1. Insert a Section Break: To create a distinct section for the 5th page, position your cursor on the page before the desired starting point (in this case, top of 5th page) and proceed as follows:
    • Click or tap on the page where you want the new page numbering to begin, which is the 5th Page.
    • Navigate to the “Layout” tab, located on the Word ribbon.
    • Click on “Breaks” within the “Section Break” group, and select “Next Page.” This action inserts a ::::::::Section Break (Next Page):::::::: formatting at the very end of the 4th Page.
  2. Formatting the First Page Number: Now, let’s proceed to format the first page number on the 5th page:
    • Double-click in the footer section of the 5th page. This action enables us to commence formatting the first page number.
    • Ensure that the “Link to Previous” option is deselected or turned off. By doing so, you unlink the header or footer from the previous section. Remember to disable the “Link to Previous” option for subsequent pages as well. You will notice that the preceding page no longer displays the option to “Link to Previous.”

    Note: Headers and footers are linked separately. Therefore, if your page number is in the header, disable linking for headers. Likewise, if your page number is in the footer, disable linking for footers.

  3. Inserting Page Numbers: Now it’s time to insert the page numbers on the 5th page:
    • Select “Page Number” from the “Header & Footer” group within the “Design” tab.
    • Choose the desired location and style for your page numbers.
    • The footer on the 5th page will now display a “5” for page number. However, our objective is to start numbering from #1, so let’s proceed to the next step.
  4. Formatting Page Numbers: To modify the page numbering format and start from 1:
    • Select “Page Number” from the “Header & Footer” group within the “Design” tab.
    • Click on “Format Page Numbers.”
    • In the dialog box that appears, select the option “Start at” and enter “1” as the starting page number. By doing so, you ensure that the numbering begins with the desired value. Click “OK” to save your changes.
  5. Extending the Formatting to Subsequent Pages: To extend the modified page numbering format to the rest of the document:
    • Select the footer on the next page (6th page) and repeat step 3.
    • You will observe that a “2” for page number has been added to the footer of the 6th page.
    • Similarly, navigate to the footer of the next page (7th page) and follow step 3 to include a “3” for page number on that page.
    • From this point onward, the remaining pages of your document will automatically display the correct page numbers.
  6. Customizing the Footer Format: If you wish to customize the formatting of the page numbers in the footer for pages 1, 2, and 3, follow these steps:
    • Double-click anywhere within the footer of the respective page.
    • Adjust the alignment, font size, or any other desired formatting settings to enhance the appearance of the page numbers.
    • You can center the page number, change its font size, or apply any other formatting options that suit your document’s aesthetics.
    • The formatting changes made to the page numbers on these initial 3 pages will automatically be applied to the succeeding pages, maintaining consistency throughout your document.
  7. Finalizing the Document: Once you have completed the page numbering and formatting adjustments, it’s time to finalize your document:
    • Double-click anywhere outside of the Header & Footer section. This action closes the editing mode for headers and footers.
    • Ensure that all the changes have been applied correctly and the page numbers are displaying as intended.
    • Save your document, and you are now ready to print your double-sided document with accurately numbered pages.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effortlessly implement double-sided printing with precise page numbering from the 5th page in Word 2021. This technique not only enhances the professional presentation of your documents but also provides easy navigation for readers. Efficiently managing page numbers improves the overall organization and readability of your printed materials. Remember to explore additional formatting options available in Word to further customize your document’s appearance and make it visually appealing.

Embrace the power of Word 2021 to streamline your printing experience and leave a lasting impression on your audience with well-structured and visually appealing documents featuring accurate page numbering from the 5th page. Your professional workflow will greatly benefit from this efficient approach, ensuring that your printed documents are organized, polished, and ready to make a positive impact.

If you found the provided details useful or if you have any concerns, feel free to leave a comment down below to share your thoughts. Should you require additional support, don’t hesitate to click here and get in touch. I’m here to assist you and offer any necessary aid. 🙂

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