An important Key to the success of your business is the effective communication you have with your potential clients and your costumers. We live in a world in which a business cannot survive anymore without a proper Web presence that reflects a professional image. To do this on your own, can be very time consuming, leaving you with not enough time to do what you are supposed to do… run your business.

So… here I come on the scene. What can I do for you? Check the list bellow and if you are interested in one or several services, please CONTACT me and I will come back with a personalized offer for you.

PC Doctor
PC Doctor

For Private individuals and Companies:

  • Website design
  • Website maintaining
  • Website promotion
  • Website analysis
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media management
  • Network management
  • Building your on-line store
  • Written creates original, high-quality product descriptions for your eCommerce website.
  • eCommerce SEO-Optimization
  • Video editing
  • Photography editing
  • Once your content has been published and distributed, I analyze the data in Google Analytics and other analytics software to make recommendations on how you can improve your web presence.
  • Trouble shooting issues: virus problems and most any issues your computer has.
  • Professional on-line research
  • Branding and logo development, business cards, one-sheets

For bloggers:

  • Key word optimization
  • Ghost writing
  • Grow website traffic
  • SEO optimization
  • Sharing on Social Networks
  • Maximize the visibility of your content
  • Newsletter writing / delivering

For authors:

  • Video Book Trailers
  • Book covers / interior design
  • Publishing assistance
Why me?
  • Checkout my PORTFOLIO
  • Because the tasks you give me are always done right on time and within a planned budget
  • Because you will have professional, highly dedicated work done
  • Because what my resume cannot illustrate is my eye for detail and my ability to perform in all situations
  • Because… if you must do an urgent task, with some effort I will do it “Yesterday” if it is necessary
  • And most of all because… I believe that my client is my friend also and for a friend I can even jump on fire (OMG… I hope my wife will not argue with me about this one 🙂 )
  Did you read all the way down to here? CONTACT me and let us see how I can help you.
Balance Time & Money
Balance Time & Money